José Miguel Ponciano

Welcome to my site. My research focuses on the use of stochastic processes in Biology.   I view stochastic processes and statistics as the ideal language to translate fundamental questions in Biology into testable hypotheses that can be confronted with real data.  This research focus grew from the the application of stochastic processes in  Ecology, Population Genetics and Evolution, to Wildlife Management, Conservation Biology and Fisheries, to Epidemiological modeling, Microbial Community Ecology, Population Genetics and Phylogenetics.  Early in my academic formation as a Biologist I recognized the importance of Mathematics in Biology. I traded the field boots for paper, pencils, lots of erasers and countless hours of programming!  The journey has been both, fascinating and rewarding. Here you’ll find links to publications, projects and working ideas from my Lab at University of Florida. Students in my lab are either mathematicians/statisticians learning biology or biologists learning math and stats.